Plastic Resin Capabilities

Progress has experience in numerous types of parts covering numerous industrial applications over the past 30 years. Noted below is a sample of these services.

Industry and Application

  • Appliance – both large and small covering a wide base of functional parts
  • Automotive – 2nd tier supplier of trim, interior and exterior functional parts
  • Consumer – household products, novelty items, toys, infant car seats (fully assembled)
  • Toilet component parts
  • Packaging – storage containers, foldable containers
  • Electronics
  • Lawn and Garden products
  • Building – roof ventilation and other applications

Types of Resin

  • Custom color blending and matching
  • Polypropylene – various melt flows, additives, and fillers
  • Polyethylene – low and high density
  • Polystyrene – various grades
  • Nylon – various grade with glass and mineral additives with stringent quality standards
  • Compounded elastomers
  • Polycarbonate – Lexan, Acrylic
  • ABS – various grades
  • Acetal – Celcon, fluoro elastomers
  • PVC – various grades and impacts